The Corporations of TRU$T

Every player starts with partial ownership in at least one of the six corporations in the first row following this text.

Golden Harvest Farms Logo

Golden Harvest Farms

Tempe Steel Logo

Tempe Steel

Avanti Airlines Logo

Avanti Airlines

Candor Rubber Logo

Candor Rubber

Universal Machine Company Logo

Universal Machine Company

Global Development Logo

Global Development

Oceana Inns Logo

Oceana Inns

El Dorado Mining Logo

El Dorado Mining

Solar Products Logo

Solar Products

World Bank of Propontis Logo

World Bank of Propontis

World Telecommunications Logo

World Telecommunications

The Basics

Each player starts with a token, money, and controlling ownership in one of the eleven corporations located on six islands.  Players move around the board wheeling and dealing, paying and collecting, until one gains control of the world!

Continuous Action

There is no place to rest when you’re playing TRU$T – something will happen with every roll of the dice.  While it is an easy game to learn and play, it gives you the chance to use a greater amount of skill than other games of its type.


In TRU$T, you can actually be “partners” with every one of your opponents.  However, to win the game, you must eventually force all of your partners out and take control of their corporations.  TRU$T is definitely not for the timid.

The Red Die Rule

Later in the game, after all corporate certificates have been purchased from hte market, the “red die rule” goes into effect. This means that, although you continue to roll both dice, you must land on the division whose number matches that of the red die – you no longer have a choice.