TRU$T is an exciting, thought-provoking board game for two to six players which is simultaneously both new and old. Originally designed by Nick Laudato in 1978 and sold throughout America, TRU$T now returns to the market!



In TRU$T you will travel around the board’s islands, from Olympica to Araxes and back again. With each step into virgin territory, you will meet the opportunity to establish and grow your collection of divisions within the many corporations of TRU$T. What will begin as gathering slivers of partial ownership will transition to collecting dividends, extracting payments from other players, and solidifying your influence into corporate trusts. With a mixture of cunning, luck, and skill, you will eventually wrest each division of every business from your partners and rivals alike!



TRU$T looks different and plays different from any other game you have seen. It is easy to learn and simple to play, yet it lets the thinking person use tricky strategies to conquer opponents. You will find its unique combination of skill and luck to be interesting and enjoyable.



We’re sure you’ll enjoy playing TRU$T and will want one of the limited first edition copies for your own!


Choice of Die

As in many games, players use dice to determine their moves. However, for most of the game, especially during the critical beginning phases, players can choose which of the two dice to use, giving them more control over their destiny


Players who can form trusts (owning all shares of a corporation) can benefit in many ways.


Players can form partnerships with any and all of their opponents. These partnerships allow them to benefit from the investments of their partners/opponents and to obtain discounts when visiting their corporations.

Social Gaming

The elements of choice, partnerships, and trusts make this a highly social game, with interactions and consequences with every roll of the dice.

Luck & Skill

Anyone can play without much preparation or study, but experienced players, or those who plan well, can have an advantage. While luck is always a factor, a skilled player can usually do well.