Technology Training

Icon of person using whiteboard for technology training

Technology training and professional development can be an essential part of any company. As predicted by Intel’s Gordon Moore (Moore’s Law) in 1965, computing power has doubled every 18-24 months, with no end in sight.  This fact has had a profound impact on the evolution of computer technology.  With the ever-growing dependency on technology applications and programs, LTS consultants can help design and facilitate training for your employees.  

Instructional Design

LTS employs a facilitated instructional design model that teams an expert instructional designer with your subject matter expert to create tailored responsive learning materials.  An instructional designer is a professional trained and experienced in teaching and learning theory and practice.   

Our instructional design model is based on the PIC Model (Process Model for the Individualization of Curriculum) developed by Dr. Doris T. Gow at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center.  The PIC model shares characteristics with the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) and backward design models. The PIC model also aligns well with the Quality Matters (QM) process and rubric, and LTS instructional designers are certified in QM. 

Instructional Design Model showing alignment of objectives, activities, and assessment

Engaging in the instructional design model facilitated by a professional instructional designer can dramatically improve the quality of your instructional and training materials while also fulfilling a significant professional development function for your faculty or subject matter experts.