Laudato Technology Solutions (LTS) offers a wide array of instructional and information technology solutions to your small business or educational institution. Our experience and expertise are focused on, but not limited to, the following services:

The LTS website design team is experienced in the WordPress platform, HTML, PHP, and web page design tools, and is expert in building accessible websites. We can help you build content, select effective images and graphics, and optimize your site for search engines (SEO).

Information and computer technology (ICT) environments must be designed, deployed, and updated to ensure that every constituent can access and interact with all information.  Our accessibility team is well versed in accessibility standards, accessibility planning and remediation, and the requirements for accessible content, facilities, and services.  We can help you evolve your ICT toward an accessible institution.

LTS is expert and experienced in information technology (IT) planning, design, implementation, and support.  Our application development model uses prototyping techniques that iteratively approximate a solution based on close regular communications between the client and the developer.  We can also help you evolve your information systems in a planned, effective, and efficient direction.

Our cherished work methods are often based on archaic manual and non-integrated legacy information systems.  Attempts to improve or “automate” them often follows these same legacy work methods.  Process analysis can help elucidate and improve your work processes to achieve significant gains in productivity and efficiency.

Technology training and professional development should be an essential part of any company. With the ever-growing dependency on technology applications and programs, LTS consultants can help design and facilitate training for your team of employees.

Our experienced event planners can take your traditional face-to-face event and transform it into a safe and effective virtual event.