Accessibility Analysis

Icon showing wheel chair user for accessibility

To achieve information and communications technology accessibility, our technology infrastructure must be designed, deployed, and updated to ensure that every constituent can access and interact with all information.  Otherwise, some users may face significant challenges to their ability to engage with the institution, potentially resulting in public sanctions, fines, or legal fee compensation. 

Icon showing symbols for vision, hearing, speech, motor, and cognitive disabilities for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility
The dimensions of accessibility encompass visual, auditory, speech, motor, and cognitive disabilities.

Our accessibility team is well versed in accessibility standards, the requirements for accessible content, facilities, and for services.  For example:

  • Documents:  Our team can assist in creating accessible documents and web pages that follow the principles of universal design.  We routinely use tools to test the accessibility of all documents and Web-based content and use screen-readers to check random samples of online content for accessibility.
  • Public Websites and Self-Service Applications: Our team can review and analyze your public-facing web pages and your web-based self-service applications for accessibility compliance, identify accessibility issues, and recommend solutions.
  • Training:  An important component of a holistic solution to ADA compliance is training and support for all members of the organization.  To this end, our accessibility team has worked with different client institutions to lead the creation of online self-instructional training courses on accessibility.

The LTS accessibility team can deliver the full range of accessibility-related solutions, from accessibility assessments, policy formation, planning, remediation, and training.  Achieving information and communications technology accessibility for your organization is the legal thing to do as well as the right thing to do, and your institution will reap both goodwill and tangible benefits.

Our Resources page contains links to accessibility initiatives such as: