Laudato Technology Solutions

Laudato Technology Solutions (LTS) was founded by Dr. Nick Laudato in 1999 to provide specialized technology solutions to its first clients.  

  • For Point Park College (now Point Park University) Nick performed a detailed IT assessment and worked with a Point Park faculty committee to create an information technology strategic plan. 
  • For the University of Pittsburgh College of General Studies, Nick and Patrick Hetherington created a client-server application to allow advisors to record and retrieve advising notes while also registering students in real time. The application accessed data from Oracle, SQL Server, and CICS transactions. 
  • For CampusWorks, Inc., a higher education consultancy, Nick and Bill Johnston created the new company’s first website.  Since 1999, Nick served as a senior consultant and team leader on a part-time and subsequently, full-time basis. 
  • For the University of Pittsburgh Student Registration and Financial Services department, Nick and Patrick created a client-server application, called CHX, to help manage student loan repayments. 
  • For Pittsburgh Asphalt Driveway and Paving Company (now Pittsburgh Asphalt Company) we created a website to serve the company’s customers.  
  • For the University of the Virgin Islands, Nick and Joanne Nicoll developed and delivered training in instructional technology and faculty development. 

At Laudato Technology Solutions (LTS), we strive to obtain a deep understanding of your technology needs, help you chart your technology future, and help you build effective sustainable solutions. LTS offers tailored, targeted, technology-based solutions to the small business and the higher education markets. Its principals are highly experienced in both environments.

LTS Logo

Our company logo is a rendition of Ianus, commonly known as Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, and endings.  Ianus is often associated with portals or passages and is usually depicted as a single head with two faces, looking in opposite directions, remembering the past and anticipating the future.