Laudato Technology Solutions

Laudato Technology Solutions (LTS) can provide a wide array of instructional and information technology solutions to your organization. 


Our experience and expertise encompass the following services among many others 


  • Systems analysis and design,  
  • Web and application development,  
  • Information and instructional technology assessments,
  • Information and instructional technology planning,  
  • Course design and development,  
  • Process analysis and process reengineering,  
  • Office systems design and support, 
  • Professional development and training, and
  • Virtual event planning


Web Design The LTS website design team can help you build content, select effective images and graphics, and optimize your site for search engines (SEO).

Accessibility Our experience in accessibility standards, planning, and content creation and remediation can help you become an accessible institution.  

IT PlanningLTS analysts can assess your technology and help you evolve your information systems in a planned, effective, and efficient direction.

Process Analysis and Redesign Our facilitators can help elucidate and improve your work processes to achieve significant gains in productivity and efficiency.

Technology TrainingLTS instructional designers and technologists can help plan, create, and facilitate training for your team of employees.

Virtual Event Planning – Our experienced event planners can take your traditional face-to-face event and  transform it into a safe and effective virtual event.